Kyle Geiger

Cubera///Soma///Droid///Sleaze///Perc Trax

Humility is not generally a quality that ranks high on the list of things for which an average techno DJ is known. Kyle Geiger isn’t your average DJ/producer. From his marathon sets at legendary clubs like Berghain to his pounding yet melodic productions, there are plenty of notable musical accomplishments on his resumè. When you scratch the surface though, what you find is a genuinely humble human with a true passion for techno and a love for DJing…the kind of grateful joy you find in those who come from small Midwestern towns in the U.S., and find themselves relocated to an area where techno is so widely consumed: decades of experience collecting and programming music for some of the toughest crowds to be finally rewarded with chances to play in venues that have carried the music to where it is today.

(Words by Lisa Ess)

Selected Discography

Under Pressure EP - Drumcode
Identity Crisis EP - Drumcode
No Release EP - Roots
Ode to the Elders EP - Perc Trax
Wrong Turn EP - MB Elektronics
Absorb EP - Sleaze Records
Imperial EP - Cubera
Mimetic Desire EP - Cubera
Scream EP  - Cubera
Relentless EP - Soma
Ritualistic EP - Sleaze
Restore EP - Soma
The Comedown - Cocoon
Groove EP - Cubera

Collaboration Discography

Kyle Geiger + Jamie Bissmire - Lucky Numbers EP - Driving Forces Recordings
Kyle Geiger + Bobby Dowell - Tigerwall EP - Droid
Kyle Geiger + Bobby Dowell - Memory to Control EP - Driving Forces Recordings
Kyle Geiger + Hans Bouffmyhre - Your Turn EP - Sleaze Records
Kyle Geiger + Hans Bouffmyhre - Unrilis

Selected Remix Discography

Black Asteroid - Who Controls (Kyle Geiger Remix)  - Nachstrom Schallplatten
Marco Bailey and Tom Hades - Mad Max (Kyle Geiger Remix) - MB Elektronics
Dustin Zahn - Glove of the Analogue God (Kyle Geiger Remix) - Droid
Roland Dill - Taurine on Sunday (Kyle Geiger Remix) - Trapez
Alessio Mereu - Fresh Wind (Kyle Geiger Remix) - Renovatio
Eric Sneo - Mass Appeal Madness (Kyle Geiger Remix) - Masters of Disaster
Material Object - Stalefish (Kyle Geiger Remix) - Perc Trax
Pfirter - The Dub Track (Kyle Geiger Remix) - Driving Forces Recordings
Audio Injection - Condition (Kyle Geiger Stripped Remix) - Silent Steps
DJ Hi-Shock - Ageha (Kyle Geiger Remix) - Nachstrom Schallplatten
Nihad Tule - Craving (Kyle Geiger Remix) - Sleaze Records